Earn Lucrative National Account Rebates from IPG Major Account Supply Partners

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Even in the best of times, your bottom line can get squeezed pretty thin. IPG helps boost profits by leveraging the nationwide network of 24,000+ Tire Pros and Service Bay members in order to secure the best possible national accounts rebates and pricing for parts and supplies. 

As an IPG member, you earn generous national account rebates whenever you purchase parts and supplies from IPG Major Account Supply Partners: AutoPlus, AutoZone, Factory Motor Parts, Pronto Auto Parts, Medium Heavy Duty Supply PartnerVipar, Federated AutoParts and AutoValue Bumper to Bumper. Best of all, the program is completely automatic. We've done all the work for you! Just activate your account, purchase parts from any of our Major Account Supply Partners to automatically earn rebates on purchases. Your rebates check will be mailed to you each quarter.     








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