Congratulations to Mike Hyman of Don Duncan All American Auto in Alabama for winning the IPG Quarterly 10,000 Reward Points Giveaway!


We love to hear about shops finding exactly what they were looking for, in or outside of the catalog. Mike did just that! While he first redeemed his IPG reward points for a Liberty safe through our catalog, supply and demand issues led him to our concierge team, who made sure he got the best value for his points. 

Mike reached out to Kristen at IPG to help him resolve an issue with the original safe he ordered. While looking into a replacement, she began to ask Mike about what he was looking for in a safe. It turns out that his original order didn’t quite check all the boxes on Mike’s wish list. 

“She checked in and asked questions to make sure I was getting exactly what I wanted,” Mike said. “She was very helpful, bending over backwards to make sure everything worked out.” 

In the end, the team was able to order Mike a Liberty safe that exceeded his expectations. 

“I love the size, it’s bigger than the one I was looking for, and it has a keypad, so I don’t have to turn a dial. And its fireproof, which is important in a gun safe,” he said. “The delivery process was very smooth. They called two days later and said they were on the way to install it.” 

We’re happy everything with Mike’s order turned out for the better! Mike will put his 10,000-point prize to good use. If you want to be the next 10,000-point winner, call (423) 682-6627 or email kendall_thompson@ipgauto.com and let us know how you’ve used your reward points. Please include a photo to demonstrate your redemption in use. The winner will be announced in the next edition of Dealer Talk. 

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