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The Installed Parts Group (IPG) Web Portal is exclusively for members of IPG and it’s approved member groups, including ATD Tire Pros, Activate, and ServiceBay members. You must activate your account and set up login information by filling out the form below.
Reasons to activate your account:
  • You are requesting to be placed on the IPG National Account Program with an IPG Supply Partner.
  • You just received your first rebate check, or have been receiving checks, from IPG and have never filled out an activation form.
  • Your local auto parts salesperson has informed you that your account is flagged on the IPG National Account Rebate program.
  • You want to change your username/password.
  • You want to update your information (contact, address, etc.) in the IPG system.
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The account activation process is simple and easy! Fill-out the form below and click-on the “Submit” button. Your account will be activated in 3 to 5 business days. You will receive a welcome letter via email from IPG with your login information (username and password).

If you have received a check you have also earned reward points! By activating, you have access to the IPG Rewards Catalog. Log into the portal and click “Rewards Catalog” to access your points. Over 250,000 items are available in our virtual catalog. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, simply call the IPG Concierge Service and they can assist you in redeeming points outside the catalog.

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Note: Multi location operators will need to complete a new activation form with the High Volume Commitment Program request completed for each location to receive the program benefits for each location.

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