Frequently Asked Questions

How are my parts purchases recorded, and my rebates earned & calculated?

Purchases from supplier partners (phone, fax, in-person, online, etc.) are recorded directly in their business systems at the point of sale. The supplier then generates a statement at the end of the month/quarter (this varies by supplier) reporting your purchases to IPG. Upon receipt, the information is uploaded into our data warehouse, where our system performs rebate & reward points calculations. Our team validates the data and addresses any identified discrepancies. As a result, tire dealer members can view rebate dollars earned from the suppliers via the IPG Portal using the IPG Direct Connect™ data software.

How and when am I paid my IPG rebates?

After receiving the supplier-generated data feed and rebate money earned for the reporting period, IPG will process your rebate and distribute the amount earned in a quarterly rebate check.
NOTE: IPG, IPG Direct Connect™, and NEXTStep Commerce assume no liability for payment of rebate money earned by you which have not be received in full from supplier partner. See the IPG Portal, IPG Direct Connect™ dashboard and each supplier program’s “Terms of Use” for more detailed information.

How do I get activated with IPG?

Activating is easy! Simply click on the big red Activation Button located on most pages of the IPG portal. Then, fill out and submit the Activation Form. Your account will be activated in 3-5 business days. You will receive a welcome letter email from IPG containing your login information (user ID and password). Once logged into the portal, you will have access to detailed dashboards and reports containing purchase history, rebates earned, and reward points earned. Your membership is FREE because you are an ATD Tire Pros, Activate, or ServiceBay tire dealer.

NOTE: Supply Partners require that your account is pre-approved and registered in their order management system before you qualify to earn rebates and reward points. Follow the account activation procedure discussed above. IPG will communicate with the Supply Partner to gather other necessary information to activate your account for in-person, phone, and online purchases. If you are already receiving checks from IPG for purchases with our Supply Partners, use your existing login information (user ID and password) to access the IPG Portal.

Can I earn rebates and rewards from more than one supplier?

Yes, you can earn rebates from multiple IPG Supply Partners so long as your account is flagged as an IPG/ATD account and data is sent from the suppliers to IPG.

How do I add a Major Account Supply Partner to my account?

Simply click the big red button, fill out the activation form, and include the account number to the suppliers you would like to add.

How do I update my contact information, change my password?

You can either click the big red Activation Button, fill out the form and submit it; or you can send your update information to IPG customer service at

Who do I call if there’s a problem with my parts order?

Unfortunately, IPG cannot assist you with questions pertaining to your orders via an IPG Supply Partner. We are a Program Management company responsible for calculating rebates and reward points, establishing new national account programs, and maintaining existing programs for tire dealer members. Please CONTACT THE SUPPLY PARTNER DIRECTLY for all order fulfillment and customer service-related issues, including product or service inquiries, order status, returns, warranty clams, order cancellation, etc

Who do I call if there’s a problem with my rebate amount earned?

Send an e-mail to the IPG Help Desk or contact IPG Headquarters directly for all issues related to IPG Supply Partners at (423) 291-4971 , M-F 9 AM to 5 PM EST or via email at

Can my rebate check be made out to me personally?

No, all rebate checks are made out to the tire dealer member business name and are reported as an additional discount.

Can a lost rebate check be replaced?

Yes, you will need to contact us at (423) 291-4971 , M-F 9 AM to 5 PM EST or via email at
NOTE: Our bank will need to stop payment on the check issued, which requires a $50.00 charge per check. This $50.00 charge will be deducted from the total rebate earned and the check will be re-issued.